7 In-Demand Blockchain Jobs for the Crypto Winter

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7 In-Demand, Crypto Winter-Proof Blockchain Jobs

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Numerous leading crypto companies have started to slow down hiring and are reducing staff as revenues have declined due to the slump in the crypto markets. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t crypto jobs out there that remain in demand, especially, as multiple companies still keep hiring.

Read on to discover a list of roles that will likely remain in high demand, even if we move into another crypto winter.

Blockchain security architect

A blockchain security architect is in charge of creating solutions that protect crypto firms’ platforms from fraud and cyber threats.

Cryptocurrency firms’ operating systems and software require the services of blockchain security architects. They collaborate with IT and security teams to analyze projects and establish rules around crypto security challenges, risk reduction, and advanced blockchain security best practices.

Furthermore, blockchain security architects assist in the design of crypto protocols and the identification of potential security vulnerabilities.

Senior blockchain engineer


Senior blockchain engineers are in charge of developing and maintaining decentralized apps and protocols. Senior engineers usually lead a team of blockchain developers and are in charge of blockchain initiatives. Furthermore, some provide support to crypto IT teams and provide technical advice to management. A candidate with a background in mathematics, computer science, or engineering is required for this position. Experience with programming languages, scripting languages, algorithm design, or RESTful API design is required of senior blockchain engineers.

Business development manager

The job of a business development manager is to boost a company’s sales. They are in charge of generating leads, managing customer relationships, and providing chances for the company to sell items or provide services. Business development managers must be familiar with their crypto goods and be aware of their company’s objectives. They must also be up to date on current crypto trends and advancements. Working directly with direct sales personnel is also a part of this job. You must be articulate, have good sales acumen, and be able to negotiate to be a business development manager.

Marketing director

The marketing efforts of a corporation are the responsibility of marketing directors. They ensure that a company’s product or service is successfully marketed by developing marketing strategies and campaigns. Marketing managers also forecast demand, keep track of trends, and oversee marketing budgets aimed at increasing product or service sales. You must also be creative and have good analytical skills in order to become a marketing director. A marketing director must also be detail-oriented and have strong organizational skills.

Content manager

Content managers are responsible for developing a crypto company’s content and creating its online presence. Their tasks may include developing content strategies, managing technical writers, growing an online presence, and creating engaging content that converts. A content manager needs to have strong writing and editing skills. They must have prior experience in managing a team of writers, graphic designers, and video experts. Furthermore, a content manager must be able to create a cross-platform strategy and execute it across multiple social channels. They also monitor the performance of articles, blog posts, images, videos, and more to determine content engagement levels.


A crypto lawyer is a licensed professional with a background in crypto-related legal issues. The lawyer must be able to solve common issues such as:

  • the legality of tokens;
  • crypto taxes;
  • how and where to incorporate your crypto company;
  • issues dealing with intellectual property, especially those concerning open-source protocols;
  • how different regulatory jurisdictions approach blockchain technology;
  • And the KYC (know your customer)/AML (anti-money laundering)-related issues.


Accountants are in charge of keeping financial records and overseeing all accounting activities at crypto firms. They also take care of account payables, invoice and payment processing, expense reporting, and vendor payments. Accountants must have good analytical and interpersonal abilities, as well as knowledge of the cryptocurrency sector. While a bear market is typically unfavorable for crypto job seekers, there are always chances for those with the right talents.

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