Bloomberg Top Crypto News: Investors are Motivated by Bloomberg via Broadening of Cryptocurrencies Coverage to the Top Fifty

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By visiting CRYP, Bloomberg Terminal users can see real-time intraday pricing for the top 50 crypto assets, indexes, and futures contracts. This includes evaluating institutional custody support, trading access, market capitalisation, and turnover consistency.

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NEW YORK, June 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bloomberg’s market-leading cryptocurrency data coverage on the Bloomberg Terminal has been expanded to encompass the top 50 crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, XRP, Solana, and others.
For speedier, data-driven investing decisions, clients may now watch intraday pricing for an extended range of cryptos, indices, and futures contracts in real-time.

For almost a decade, Bloomberg has been assisting clients in navigating the cryptocurrency industry, and in 2013, the Bloomberg Terminal began giving Bitcoin values. Bloomberg raised the scope of eligible instruments to 10, and now to the top 50, in 2018 as institutional interest in crypto investment strategies grew.

Every day, thousands of cryptocurrencies trade on hundreds of exchanges, with the quality of these assets and the exchanges on which they trade varying substantially. Bloomberg selects bitcoin data for inclusion on the Bloomberg Terminal using a data-driven methodology, and it ensures that this strategy changes with the crypto markets. Bloomberg has established a rigorous vetting mechanism that takes into account our institutional client base and is available to examine on the Bloomberg Terminal.

This includes evaluating institutional custody support, trading access, market capitalisation, and turnover consistency.

“Our objective is to assist the worldwide institutional investor community effortlessly integrate digital assets into their workflows on the Bloomberg Terminal in a trusted and familiar way,” says Alex Wenham, Bloomberg’s product manager for cryptocurrencies. “As the market evolves, we will continue to enhance our data-driven products to assist our clients in defining and developing their strategy in this arena,” says the company.
Bloomberg Terminal users can monitor intraday pricing for the top 50 crypto assets, indices, and futures contracts in real time by visiting CRYP.

Bloomberg also provides unified position management capabilities for clients investing in traditional and crypto assets through its integration of Elwood Technologies with Bloomberg AIM, a leading buy-side order management system. For more information please click here.

Recently, Bloomberg and Kaiko issued the first series of Financial Instrument Global Identifiers (FIGIs) covering crypto assets.

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