Do Investors Find Frax (FRAX) Stablecoin Crypto Investment Not a Good Idea this Wednesday?

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FRAX currently has a low risk score, indicating that it is a low-risk investment.
Investors that are primarily concerned with risk assessment in order to avoid (or possibly seek out) risky investments will benefit the most from this score.

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InvestorsObserver’s study gives Frax a low risk rating. The proprietary scoring algorithm calculates the amount of money needed to shift the price in the previous 24 hours. The statistic evaluates how much a coin can be manipulated by restricted trade by looking at recent changes in volume and market cap. The score goes from 0 to 100, with lower values indicating higher risk and higher ones indicating lower risk.

Risk/Reward Score - Low

Trading Analysis

The current risk score of FRAX indicates that it is a low-risk investment. This score will be most beneficial to investors who are primarily concerned with risk assessment in order to avoid (or perhaps seek out) risky assets.

Over the last 24 hours, FRAX has moved -0.36 percent lower to its current price of $1.00. This move occurred at a time when volume was below average and the token’s market capitalization was declining. The cryptocurrency now has a market value of $1,492,987,185.33, with a trading volume of $37,051,993.13 in the previous 24 hours. Frax has a low risk rating due to its price movement in proportion to volume and market cap changes.


The price movement of FRAX over the last day of trading results in a low risk rating, as the token’s recent price movement relative to trading volume provides traders cause to be optimistic about the token’s manipulability right now.

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