With APR for USD stablecoins and liquidity providers, NumisMe debuts.

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numisme launches

To accomplish this, they feature two fully collateralized US Dollar stablecoin vaults (FRAX and MIM) that offer competitive rates far exceeding what banks offer. This enables investors to retain the value of their idle dollars even as inflation runs rampant.

The debut of the NumisMe Vaults (including APR Booster), Staking, and LP incentives has been announced by NumisMe today. Simply deposit your cryptocurrency to increase your capital with some of the highest and safest yields available in the market for digital assets.

The NumisMe Vaults and NUME tokenomics are built to safeguard the value of tokens while rewarding holders and stakers. Users are encouraged to stake their NUME tokens under the hybrid emissions model in order to obtain an ETH income share.

The creative use of token tax reflects generates income for the enterprise and eliminates the need for token sales.


Summary of NumisMe Vaults + Staking
● Five vaults launched: ETH, CVX, USD Stablecoins (FRAX, MIM) and TRICRYPTO
● APR Booster offers up to 2.5x boosted Rewards APR
● NUME stakers receive revenue share in ETH/USDC
● Invite-only LP Double Up program doubles your LP position for free (You provide the ETH and we match the NUME)

NumisMe DeFi  services

In addition to a gamified decentralized app (dAPP) that enables users to compete for extra income via voting markets, NumisMe now offers decentralized finance (DeFi) services with a focus on industry leaders like Ethereum and stablecoins.

The new vaults were introduced with the macroeconomic environment in mind and placed a significant emphasis on safeguarding investor capital amid the present market slump and potential recession. They do this by utilizing two fully collateralized US Dollar stablecoin vaults (FRAX and MIM), which provide competitive rates that are significantly superior to those provided by banks. This allows investors to maintain the value of their dormant dollars despite rapid inflation.

People can now passively earn sustainable returns over 10,000% higher than banks give until needed again, as opposed to leaving money in a wallet or low-yield savings account earning nothing. Think about the typical American savings account, which according to bankrate.com only earns 0.07 percent APR. NumisMe welcomes everyone to join them as they accept the changing financial landscape.

Promotional APR + LP Double Up Program

NumisMe offers a unique promotion to liquidity providers with a “LP Double-Up” scheme in addition to significant stablecoin returns. Users that contribute Ethereum will be matched equally with the required NUME as part of this invite-only scheme. Accordingly, users just need to bring half of the necessary cash or tokens, but they still receive the full incentives. There is a link on the website to apply for this invitation-only program.

In addition to concentrating on stablecoins, NumisMe provides competitive rates for Ethereum, Convex, and triCrypto (token indexed to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USD stablecoins). Investors would value NumisMe’s gas-free auto-compounding, which enables users to dollar cost average into positions and have the compounding done for them, earning larger income over time, if they’re wanting to stack market-leading crypto assets during this bad market.

APR boost + voting + revenue share

The native NUME token of the protocol is stakeable for up to 2.5x APR Boost. Additionally, you can vote for additional APR to go into the vault of your choice with staked NUME tokens.

All staked NUME earn a portion of the income from NumisMe DeFi services, enhancing the utility of the NUME token even further.

Through their dAPP, NumisMe offers a weekly gamified voting system that enables investors to compete with one another for bonus yields that add additional NUME incentives to their strategy. These bonus payments are allocated to all investors in that strategy; for instance, if FRAX investors win 30% of the vote, they receive 30% of the bonus rewards. Each week, those who are dissatisfied with the outcomes have the option to revise their plans and move up.)

In honor of this launch, NumisMe is offering promotional APRs that are first-come, first-served. APRs currently range from 500 to 3,000 percent, but as investors come in, they will naturally decline to rates that are competitive and sustainable. Undoubtedly a fantastic chance for those who arrive early to the exhibition, with a straightforward and attractive user interface (UI) assuring a low access barrier for all.

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